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December 17, 2009

Vintage Beaded Dresses and Parking Violations

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I visited The Cat's Meow when I was home visiting Toronto in the summer, it's my favourite brick and mortar vintage shop. And here's why. It was one of the few things I got to do between getting strep throat twice while home. I popped in to see what was new and gorgeous (everything) and found myself obsessing over several dresses and two hats. And a beaded bag. And some 1930s silk camisoles with crochet necklines of which I bought two. Never mind the jewelry which I didn't even have time to ogle. Why? Because I mentioned to the lovely Louise, the gracious owner of the boutique, that my parking pass had probably run out and she informed me that they tow everyone at the stroke of 3. And it was well after 3 pm. I looked out and saw that Avenue road had been cleared of all parked vehicles, including mine. And that sucked so hard. Especially as my mother-in-law's house was just a five minute walk up the street. But it was so hot outside it was gross. Like if you exert yourself for 10 seconds your armpits turn into sprinklers and you're sporting a sweat moustache. You can see why I drove. But Dunce of the Year me forgot to check the signs, probably because I thought I would only be there for about 20 minutes, not the hour + I actually was (as if, I'm never quick with anything. Case in point - this took me four months to post).

Anyway, there were loads of enchanting dresses with beading or sequins or adornment of some kind and I had to take pictures. For a preview of what's new now (rather than four months ago) you can follow The Cat's Meow blog for some serious vintage lusting. And if you're in Toronto and haven't been - a visit is a must!

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good to know about the parking if I ever visit! What a find!

so lovely! too bad about the car....but not really! you got to take these wonderful photos to share :)

Oh, how gorgeous is that shop!


omg, I hate it when the happens. I've been towed several times. once in Hollywood, which I detest. bummer,but at least you got some pretty things out of it.

I loooove this shop. so adorable and it looks like everything is very wearable.

Yes, it is a fantastic shop! I would have done some serious credit card damage if I didn't have some extra weight to shed, because there was no way I was going to waste one of those gorgeous dresses on a temporary body! (Temporary I hope!) I can't wait to actually try some dresses on one day...soon!

Denise ♥

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