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December 24, 2009

I'll Never be Hip...

I leave you tonight with a treat. If you haven't yet seen this gem of a promo from Rachel Antonoff who makes the most darling dresses and cardies and skirts and tops - oh, she's just so swell - it's a must-see. And it's got Alia Shawkat who you'd know as Maeby from Arrested Development and she's brilliant, as you'd expect.

Below is the Top That scene from the 80s movie Teen Witch that Antonoff is spoofing/paying homage to/reminding us how there was no time like the 80s and if you were born too late, you really missed out. Yeah, I'm old. But I grew up at a time where stuff like this seemed cool. Get your head around that. And those moves are all kinds of wicked. I do believe that was the girl who played Carla Tortelli's son's girlfriend on Cheers. That show was all kinds of wicked, too. After Diane left.


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ha ha
I've only recently discovered the original 'Top That' clip and watched the movie Teen Witch for the first time this week. Glorious 80s cheesefest.

Top That!

omfg! I sooo remember this movie. My husband watched this over my shoulder and he thought the promo video was a gross exaggeration until I showed him the original. I was so embarrassed just watching it with him - and I'm not even in it! This was fantastic. Thanks Denise!

MD and Sandra: Hee hee! Isn't it incredible what passed for 'normal' in the 80s? There will never be anything like that again. The memories of watching John Hughes (I still can't believe he's gone!) movies for the first time...sigh. I've been watching this over and over lately, it's great for a guaranteed laugh and dose of nostalgia all at once!

Denise ♥

Oh man, I just watched again, and those first moves never fail to induce a howl from me! Can you imagine the director saying 'That's it, we're done,' being perfectly satisfied with it?? Ha!!

I am old. So old that I remember Teen Witch and all it's glory. God bless the 80's. I think I'm going to spend the day rapping instead of talking.

PS "Look how funky he is. I'll never be hip" = pure genius.

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