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December 18, 2009


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elena daciuk

wow! what a great post...you pretty much summed up everything i feel about the girl...i have never ever understood people's obsession with her...i myself...feel so sorry for her...because she has had a lot of opportunity thrown at her...that used correctly would have been phenominal for her & her career...but all i see is a poor lost girl spiraling out of control...


I will fully admit it's really weird, but every time I see her, I just want to hug her and give her hot cocoa or something. It just seems like she's had suuuuch a crazy life, and that her parents are...well, you know, probably less than stable role models. I just feel bad for her.


I think people love a train wreck. Gotta get themselves a little of that negative publicity.


i often wonder what her appeal is in real life. i mean she gets a lot of gigs, and people see potential, but she just continues to show us new depths of how much a train wreck she is! that said, i'm utterly fascinated by her.


Wow, félicitations, this is a really interesting article! I think I've told you before, but I really like how you write! I agree with you, Lindsay Lohan's future laying in fashion? Oh no. I personally think she can look pretty and interesting sometimes (certainly not in tha Muse shot) but he most definitely should stay clear of the "designing" jobs. And I think you're right, us Europeans tend to be more forgiving towards troublesome characters...But the big big difference between someone like Kate Moss and LiLo is the fact that, whatever happens, Kate stays a pro. Obviously not Lindsay. And I think that will turn her into a joke around here as well, with time...


alexandra keller

thank you for such a well written post. i admit to having some sort of attraction to the train wreck, but i also feel sorry for her. i think that perhaps with just a few different choices, she's be on such a better personal and career path


great job saying what all of us have had on our minds!


I should be singing carols with a candle dripping on my hand right now but instead I am reading some of my favorite blogs. A Christmas eve tradition for the Noughties? Well, we are communing in a way, aren't we? And counting our blessings (for not being wretched as LL must surely be) and hoping for better things for all lost souls on this Christmas Eve? Take another look at the picture at the top of the post. So you see an echo of Judy Garland's face there? I do.

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