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November 05, 2009

Watch the Natalia Vodianova British Vogue Shoot with Nick Knight Live!

Fullscreen capture 05112009 140827

Today (right now!) and tomorrow Showstudio is livestreaming Nick Knight's shoot for British Vogue with the stunning Natalia Vodianova, a woman who must have grown her three babies inside a zip-off pouch and simply removed it once they were ready to come out.

I love Showstudio's livestreams - hearing the conversation as Nick Knight et all stand around holding their chins, contemplating options; seeing the hair and make-up artists (in this case, Sam McKnight and Val Garland) doing touch-ups between shots and the stylist (British Vogue's fashion director Lucinda Chambers) perfecting the look, taking in the set from all angles like this dark and beautiful winter scene; and of course watching the models get into position and doing their thing. Natalia is amazing to watch. In case you didn't already know. 

Click any of the images to watch Natalia posing while exquisitely entangled in this tree-like prop.

Fullscreen capture 05112009 142550-2 

Fullscreen capture 05112009 143736 

Natalia is modelling outfits customised by some of fashions leading designers, which will then be sold at auction with the proceeds going to ‘The Naked Heart Foundation’, a charitable trust which builds and runs playgrounds for disadvantaged children.


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Thanks for the heads up! LOL to the zip pouch pregnancy comment.

I have been watching it!!! It's amazing!

I think she must be "good people".

..I love well rounded girls.

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