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November 09, 2009

Meet The Glamourai and Shrimpton Couture in New York!


If you're in New York you'd be mad not to stop by the W Hotel Monday evening to see Shrimpton Couture's exclusive presentation of Glamour Wraps by NYC accessories designer The Glamourai. These two amazing fashion forces - Shrimpton Couture having revolutionised the online vintage shopping experience and The Glamourai the creator of some of the most stunning reworked vintage jewellery you've ever seen - are collaborating on their newest fashion venture, reworked kimonos.

I own three Glamourai pieces myself - two neckpieces and a bracelet that were created exclusively for Shrimpton Couture, and I absolutely ADORE them. I even wear them around the house sometimes, for no particular reason other than to be near them!

Okay, so saying you can 'meet Shrimpton Couture' is a bit weird as it's an online boutique and not a person! The vintage-loving dynamo behind it is Cherie Federau. I had the pleasure of meeting Cherie in Toronto when I visited home last summer. She came over for lunch and we had a great girlie afternoon. Both of us would have posted about it had the photos turned out! But I should mention that her outfit was as incredible as you would imagine. And The Glamourai is New York fashion designer and stylist Kelly Framel who I haven't met in person yet, but I do enjoy her amazing self-styled photos.

Here are the Glamourai pieces still available for sale out of a series of exclusive collections for Shrimpton Couture (they tend to sell out immediately!), all modelled and gorgeously styled by Kelly herself:







The Swelle Life2-1


Hmm...I'm just thinking about Cherie and Kelly together at this event - is it possible to have too much style in one room?


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I shall report faithfully from this event with photos ;)

Pressure's on to step it up with the outfit, though!

Oh boy, Dee - with you there there's definitely going to be a fashion explosion! I thought you might be popping in - I so wish I could be there! I'll look for your report! ♥

I so wish that I could go!!!

oh how i wish i could have gone.

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