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November 18, 2009

If You Happen to be in New York...

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...you must take the place I would be occupying at the events of two of my favourite bloggers if I wasn't an ocean away. First up is the Boyy Fall 2009 preview on Wednesday. It's hosted by beautiful birthday girl Deanne of Dream Sequins and Boyy's Jesse Dorsey who is offering guests a 15% discount off these To Die For bags. Seriously, these are so cool even Lou Doillon has one - the Slash, which is nearly sold out. (I don't normally care who is carrying what - in fact if something is being touted as a 'celeb favourite' I'm turned off. But come on, it's Lou, not a Gossip Girl. And the bags are awesome.)

Deanne and Jesse invite you to meet them Wednesday, November 18th between 6-7 pm for a casual trunkshow. You will be able to view all styles from Fall, as well as place orders for certain sold-out stock. Merry Christmas to you! If you can't make it but are lusting after one of these bags, don't fret - Boyy is extending the 15% discount to all all purchases made online through November 25th. Use the coupon code: dreamsequins.com. Note that the discount will be a credit back to your card after purchase.

To RSVP and receive further details about the event, email dreamsequins@gmail.com

Source: Wild.Crazy.Beautiful

And then there are three days with our gorgeous jeweller extraordinaire Wendy Brandes! On Thursday she is partnering with her fabulous fashion designer friend Zang Toi (who is apparently serving his famous fried wontons!) for a holiday wear and fine jewelry cocktail party:


The fun continues into the weekend with a two-day pop-up shop on Friday and Saturday featuring Wendy Brandes' truly inspired and original creations. Her designs are based on history's strong women, especially "naughty royal ladies" without whom we wouldn't have such fascinating baubles as the Nefertiti Poison Ring which is ever so cool! I would love to see her pieces in person so please do drop by one of these events if you are able. Marie Antoinette would want you to!



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My wallet is begging for mercy right now :)

Thanks for posting the link, Denise! I'll take plenty of pictures of the style you like. It's pretty adorable-- esp in python!

Thanks so much for the mention!

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