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October 05, 2009

Viktor & Rolf are a Couple of Giant Tulles


Wow. A Viktor & Rolf show is always a guaranteed spectacle but I actually laughed out loud at this one! I'd like to say it was because their unbridled playful experiment with tulle made me happy, but I'm not quite sure I can convince myself it's a matter of laughing with them. Or maybe I am? It's okay to feel confused when presented with clothes that are the tulle equivalent of Edward Scissorhands' handiwork on the neighbourhood shrubs.

I have to say though that I'm finding myself quite fascinated with the cross-section of those precision cut-outs in the skirts. How many layers must there be? The compulsion to touch it is almost unbearable. (And I kind of want to eat it, too. Is that weird? If you have to ask, yes. Yes it is.)



However, not all was taken from a ballerina's acid trip. There were some very beautiful and wearable looks among the curiosities:



Photos: WWD


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How amazing are those cut out ball gowns.


um - Edward Scissorhands, indeed! i'm a little frightened by most of these, although i do like the 2nd to last

The visual tactile nature is irresistible. I understand your desire to touch these gowns and understand the construction. The more wearable pieces are quite nice and I totally would rock them. So where are the cupcakes?

I totally want to wear the swiss-cheese one. That's definitely right up my alley -- it would make me laugh!

These are incredible. It's like Grace Jones meets psycho ballerina meets the muppet show – in a good way. I nearly fell off my chair when I watched the show. Those guys! Always full of pleasant surprises.

I love it!! Great fun, playful, fantastic mix of girlie 50s prom and 80s asymetrical severity. I liked the mix of way way over the top with wearable pieces. I blogged the videos myself last night (worth watching for the music alone, and watching those models carry those huge tulle pieces!).

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