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September 05, 2009

Sensible Footwear is Underrated

Fullscreen capture 04092009 174029I think this is the first time I've looked at a pair of luxury footwear and thought the price was almost justified. These Alberta Ferretti embellished boots cost £974 and they are just stunning. I would be too terrified to actually wear them outside for fear of stepping in something. I'm certain if I had to walk somewhere in them that an obstacle course consisting of a massive wad of gum, chips and curry vomit and dog poop that looked like it came from a bear would appear out of nowhere. And then when I finally got to where I was going I would be so uptight about anyone coming near the two delicate geniuses on my feet that I'd spend the entire evening barricaded in the toilet yelling obscenities at anyone who dared to brush against the door of my stall. 

I think it's best that I forfeit this entry on the Wish List on humanitarian grounds.


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hot hot hot! i am one who doesn't really believe in "sensible" shoes...well i do...but most of my shoe purchases do not fall under the "sensible" shoe category...and i am perfectly ok with that!
another great post...you ALWAYS make me laugh!
elena @ fabulous finds

i wouldn't be able to leave the house wearing these! i mean what if i just brushed one up against the other - ahhhhh

I've never worried about encountering bear poop before. Maybe I'll start now.

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