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September 28, 2009

Cupcake Monday! The Blue Edition

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I chose a blue cake for my wedding. It was from the first place I looked, I saw it and said, "That will do, blue's cool. It's a cute cake." Bridezilla, I was not. I didn't need the grief of obsessing and second-guessing myself over things that wouldn't matter later. And no one else cares about the cake anyway (it's true). But did it taste good? Yes, I asked for a layer of chocolate-orange which I love so I had to try some. It was the only thing I got to eat at our reception which was a cocktail and jazz trio affair with hors d'oeuvres service and a spread of food that I can't even recall the nature of now. I think the party was only three hours long and I was so busy talking to guests I didn't even get a chance to run to the bathroom. 

Where was I? So I like the idea of blue frosting, especially pale blue-green because it's pretty. And here I am again giving myself a cupcake craving when there are none to be had, and our local convenience store is undergoing renovations so I can't even pick up missing ingredients. I'm going to order some from a place that delivers in the UK so I don't have to suffer needlessly. Why don't you secure your own sweet stash, too, and if so, let us know! I'll report back next week. Wish me luck for getting intact cupcakes because I have no idea how they get them to you without smashing them!

Clockwise from top right: Sweet!Cupcakes and Treats, Sugar Bloom CupcakesCake Journal, Paula Hennig (last two)


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Those cupcakes look delicious. For some reason, blue cupcakes (or blue any food) always looks more appetizing to me.

Absolutely gorgeous post!


these are the cutest things ever! I never even thought about blue cupcakes!!

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