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September 07, 2009

Cupcake Monday: Pink Lace Tuille Cookies

Fullscreen capture 07092009 175240

By now you've likely caught on that 'Cupcake Monday' is sometimes more of a general term, encompassing any drool-inducing, sugary concoction I find that is as pretty as it is sweet. 

This pink floral temptation that has me licking my monitor is pomegranate mousse nestled between layers of lace tuille cookies, topped with sugared flowers. And I want it so bad I could die.

Fullscreen capture 07092009 175415 

Fullscreen capture 07092009 175301 

Fullscreen capture 07092009 175311 

This is from Brides.com. The recipe is by Christopher Siversen at Twenty Four Fifth, NYC and the sugared flowers are from Meadowsweets. The dessert was photographed by Quentin Bacon and it was styled by A.J. Battifarano. How they made it through the shoot without diving in face first I have no idea.


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delicious! unfortunately, my cupcakes will be of the Dora the Explorer variety today. maybe i'll just get really good chocolate for myself!

soo lovely!

Delightful! And one of the very reasons I gave you a blog award!


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