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September 07, 2009

Amazing Grace Coddington


Photo: Patrick Lichfield, 1964

Obvious headlines aside, U.S. Vogue creative director Grace Coddington, the one who is said to be 'the real star' of The September Issue, is getting major press and we're being treated to some gorgeous modelling shots from her days in front of the camera. Well, they were already out there in online portfolios of the photographers who shot them, but who knew until now? (Other than you, Ms. Diehard.)

The hugely influential Welsh fashion editor/stylist is quite intriguing in that she's as stubborn as Anna Wintour and even more private. And I already adore her not just for her dreamy fairytale editorial but for having said this in 2003:

"There are no models on covers anymore. They're all actors because they're what sells. An actor often dictates what you're going to get. I find that annoying. And I'm incredibly shy, so they scare the pants off me. But I feel perfectly comfortable with the models. They're like my kids."

I loathe actors on the covers of my fashion magazines. Do designers send actors down the runways? No. Only as occasional novelty. So why then are models bumped for them almost every time? To keep the Photoshop people in business?

The September Issue opens in the UK on September 11. Who's coming with me?


Photo: John French, 1965. Grace wearing Nina Ricci


Photo: Chris Moore. Grace in the front row at Pierre Balmain, Paris Haute Couture, A/W 1977




Grace and Karl: 'You're fabulous!' 'No, it is you who is fabulous! It is not possible!'


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I saw a preview at the weekend and LOVED it! Grace really is the star - I've just done a blog post about it too :) you will love it! x

hahah... it looks like they're exchange a little more heated words than fabulous. ;)

Frankie - lucky you getting a preview! I'm so looking forward to it but lamenting the fact that my one fashion-loving friend here moved to Bristol! I think though I would rather go alone than with someone who can't appreciate it!

Jennine - That's funny, I was trying to figure out whether it was a friendly exchange or not! One thing's for sure, it was a crowded one!

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