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August 04, 2009

It's a Puke-cation!


These days there are all kinds of variations on the word vacation to reflect the times, such as "stay-cation" when you can't go anywhere on your time off. Also akin to "suffo-cation." Luckily, I was able to take the traditional vacation where you buy an exorbitantly priced plane ticket and fly somewhere. This time it was to visit family and friends at home in Canada which began just lovely until somewhere along the way I must have licked a disease-ridden door handle or something and caught strep throat.

I had no idea just how bad strep throat can be. You don't want it. (An FYI just in case it's on your list of infections to catch.) Thanks to Gravol, tonight I've been able to eat a whole piece of dry toast which magically turned into a razor blade as it went down my throat. And there are details of the most disgusting and humiliating kind but I'll spare you as although I do straddle the line of good taste at times (see the title of this post) I fear crossing over would lead to the Point of No Return. And I still have a lot to say about dresses.

So, that's why I haven't been blogging despite having so many great things to share. And thank you for checking in if you have been. I hope to be able to think tomorrow and post a 'real' one. I sure didn't have to think for this one.


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i DID laugh
i feel bad
but lord you're funny!

get well soon.

You're highlarious even when sick.

Oh my dear. So sorry. I read your account of strep throat just a few days after posting my own account of my ear infection. Is there a blog award out there for bloggers who share the stories of their short-lived personal afflictions? If so, I will nominate you, and in true good log rolling blog fashion, I will expect you to nominate me. I just returned to my blog to let the world know I had survived. I will be looking for a similar update from you. I hope your Canadian "vacation" was salvaged.

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