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July 10, 2009

Why Models Get Paid the Big Bucks


Last month I won first prize of a contest that Dream Sequins hosted to mark her 100th post (a favourite blog of mine - it's great for discovering emerging designers). She asked if I'd do a photo with the prizes and I was only too happy to oblige - not just out of gratitude but because no one who has ever won a Swelle giveaway has granted that very request from me! So I know how much it sucks when people don't.

So I got an outfit together to show off what I won (see below). I thought I'd make one of those happy 'surprise' faces which I tried out in the mirror a few times and it seemed to work. A bit goofy but fun. So I thought. After Other Half snapped a bunch of photos they looked okay. On the tiny screen of our camera. But once I had a look at them full size I realised just how misleading those thumbnails were. As you can see above, the 'surprise' face lacks the smile/ooh! combo I had practised and thanks to what appears to be a hugely oversized tongue that despite efforts just can't be contained it looks like a rude gesture if only my left hand was closer to my mouth. And that pose was supposed to convey energy, like a forward momentum propelled by my unbridled enthusiasm. Which apparently was all in my head.

So, yet another situation where I find that modelling isn't as easy as it looks. I swear, it didn't really look like that in person! I guess I just have to accept that I don't have a photogenic tongue.

Just for the record, I was thrilled to win this contest. I NEVER win anything. In fact, the last time I won something was kindergarten. Which would also make it my first. It was Halloween and there was a draw for a huge pumpkin. I remember it being the size of a boulder. I'm sure it wasn't really that big but it was definitely substantial. My teacher offered to drive me home and I think my mother picked me up from school then but I took the ride anyway (duh). So of course my mother wasn't home when we got there and we had to wait in the car for a few minutes until she was. That was uncomfortable. So much so that I can still recall it now. Which reminds me of the time I missed the bus in grade 5 so my cool British principal, Mr. Wolfe, put me on the back of his motorcyle and took me home! Ha, can you imagine that happening now?

What was I talking about? Oh right. So here's what I won: a limited edition "Garfield" tote from Stand Up Comedy (my right arm); Envirosax shopper courtesy of Shopflick (my left arm); LucyJ flip mirror from Brittique (what I'm holding up, it's so cute); Mini-bag and lookbook from Chree (in the shopper bag); knit armwarmers from NIT: FELT: PHRAME (love them) and two bamboo jersey headbands from The Battalion (I'm wearing one which you can't see in the photo but they feel awesome, they are beyond soft. Do they make bras?).

Does anyone still wonder why I don't do styled posts?


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oh that is the FUNNIEST picture ever - good on you to share. And oyu are still gorgeous despite the rather goofy set-up :-)

lol this is a cute post.

This is so amazing! Thank you for posting, and I agree with Shrimpton Couture-- you work that pose, Denise! FIERCE! xx

But you make modeling look so easy! Love the portrait and the tote.

you do have a way of making goofy look good Denise. I love the ensemble.

You guys are too kind. I still think it looks like I've tried to fit a whole package of Big League Chu into my mouth!

I didnt even recognise it was you Denise, you look uber young (even younger than usual).

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