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July 26, 2009

Truly Tasteless Post: 'David' Shorts


I hope the title of this post braced you somewhat for what was to follow. Sincere apologies if not, or if this offends your tender sensibilities and puts you off cocktail wienies for the rest of your life.

So I'm in Canada now at my family's and yesterday I was watching a show on the CBC where the host attempts to ascertain, for his own cultural enrichment, what is 'art.' So he travels to Florence, the home of Michelangelo's masterpiece 'David,' and included in the shots taken of the Palazzo della Signoria where a copy of the statue stands (the original is housed in the nearby Galleria dell'Accademia) we see racks of shorts with David's nether regions printed on the front and back. I couldn't believe it. I've not been, yet, but I'm glad I had a heads-up so my heart wouldn't fall out the bottoms of my feet when I do one day visit the city.

I had to look this up and found The David Shorts Store when I googled 'David shorts.' And there they were. I like how the website boasts 'we use only the highest quality materials.' Because surely the guy buying these shorts has discerning tastes. But is 100% polyester a top quality fabric? Especially for 'down there'? Better yet are the key selling points, which include:

  • Impress women at parties
  • Parade around town without having to be bashful
The latter of which is followed by a trip downtown to have your name added to the sex offender's registry.

And they offer alternatives if David isn't 'man' enough for you, like the Italian XXL David Shorts. The XXL does refer to the size, but not of the shorts if you know what I mean.

There was NO WAY I was showing those.


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My boys would get a kick out of those shorts...lol... not showing them...lol!

shakes head at such silliness. It is amazing what they try to sell to tourists.

YYyyyyes. I opened up that screen twice at work. They must think I'm a total perv now. LOL

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