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June 28, 2009

Turkish Delight: Eat it or Wear it?

The Swelle Life3-1

I saw these gorgeous Erickson Beamon Turkish delight coin earrings and I couldn't help but think of Big Turk, that Turkish Delight chocolate bar from Nestlé that I think is only available in Canada. Why that is I have no idea because I have never, ever seen anyone eat it. But someone must be or they wouldn't be selling it. "A delicious combination of jelly and chocolate" is how the Nestlé website describes it. When I could have bitter chocolate, and chocolate with almonds and mint and those hard toffee Skor bars that can rip out your molars but are so worth it, why would one choose Big Turk?

Okay, I can't believe this. My husband just walked over, looked at my screen and exclaimed "The BIG TURK!!" and nodded with an ear-to-ear smile. I just about fell off my chair and he said "How can you not like the Big Turk??" He's the one! He's keeping the Big Turk in business! Just when you think you know someone. So I asked him if he misses it since we're in the UK. He said "No, I'm not so sure I would like it so much now, I think it would probably be too sweet. But then again maybe the Turk wasn't too sweet. I'll have to get one when we go home. It was like two treats in one. You could eat the chocolate off the outside and then you were left with the chewy jelly."

Wow. I don't know if I should be there to witness this reunion or let them be alone together. But now I'm curious and I may have to crash their party and see for myself.

Uh, anyway, aren't the earrings gorgeous? I think the second style is my favourite, but the first matches the colours of the Big Turk packaging and that must count for some bonus points.

Erickson Beamon has put out a ridiculously gorgeous collection for spring/summer and I have to show my other two favourites: the gem embellished cuff and bangle:

The Swelle Life1

Sorry, no chocolate bar analogies for these ones.


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I hate turkish delight. I dont know about the big turk, but my mum always buys dairy milk turkish so I don't steal any...sneaky chocolate tactics =(

Hi Denise -
Just catching up here. You have been one busy blogger!

I have eaten more than my share of Canadian chocolate bars - I had a weakness for Caramilk during law school in MTL - but I never saw this one anywhere. Maybe it's an Ontario-only thing?

I esp. liked your Farrah tribute. Is it me or do the models in some of the other recent posts look really bored and pissed off? (E.g. Burberrys). I guess I would be pissed off too if I couldn't eat chocolate bars.

Cracking up over the chocolate analogy...while simultaneously wishing that gem-encrusted bangle was in my jewelry drawer.

Happy Monday!

PS: You've been tagged!

Chelsea - apparently it's way sweeter than the authentic one. Not hard to believe!

Kim - You don't get Caramilk? I knew Crispy Crunch was Canadian but who knew these 'cultural' differences with chocolate bars! And yes, the models usually do look either bored or pissed off! I love the one Jonathan Saunders girl and how she looks like she's about to cry or be sick! Yet that's perfectly acceptable!

Jennifer - Happy Monday! Oh, I've been tagged! (What does that mean?!)


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