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June 22, 2009

The Men's Cropped Suit Jacket: It's About Time


This post is dedicated to my husband. Whenever he has to put on a suit it's torture. They're hot and you can't shed the tie and loosen the collar unless it's late into the evening at an event where everyone is too drunk to care, like a wedding. Or a funeral. But for the guy who is attending meetings and speaking at conferences where a few beads of sweat is unsightly and well, really gross, this version created by Bruno is a godsend. It's cropped nice and high, has bracelet, or I guess 'watch-length' sleeves and the pants are more like culottes - allowing the arms, calves and stomach to breathe, and be seen!

I think the exposed thong might be pushing it a bit but then again, never say never!


Source: Towleroad


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Ha.. this is hilarious! I think my husband would appreciate this as well, because he hates how warm and uncomfortable many of the suits are. So do the cropped tie and shirt come with it as well? Of course I think it's actually the floppy hair and poses that make this look what it is ;-)

Ha, I know! Well, I assume one could get the matching cropped ties and shirt with the jacket, but what's nice is he can just wear the jacket alone, say, for an office barbecue where things are a little more casual. And maybe forego the pants altogether!

Oh, Bless him!..;P

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