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June 11, 2009

Lucky LA: Bat for Lashes and Giant Artists

Bat For Lashes

If you're in Los Angeles you may want to head down to the Lucky Brand store in Santa Monica this Sunday for an acoustic performance from Bat for Lashes' Natasha Khan. The Lucky Brand Neighborhood Social will also feature other up and coming musicians and works by LA-based Giant Artists, including William Lemon III who will be handpainting designs on your Lucky denim (I believe he did the artwork on Khan's body in the pic above and he also painted a nude Marc Jacobs for the Louis Vuitton's Sprouse bag ad). Blake E. Marquis will also be silkscreening reusable totes.

This sounds pretty cool for a jeans store. The last time I went shopping for jeans the sales assistant left me waiting with no pants on while she was supposed to be getting me a new size. Turns out she got distracted and forgot. And the only music playing was crappy Top 40 (do we still use that term?) and no one painted my jeans when I finally got the right size.

You can drop by from 3-5 pm but for the Bat for Lashes performance you do need to RSVP to book your spot which you can do here.


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This looks pretty cool. I'll tell my sister. She's in LA. :D I've been wanting a pair of "customized" jeans myself.

love BFL....missed their concert in Toronto cuz I was in the Dominican - so I suppose I can't complain lol

If I was there I would so be in for that. I love the art work for the cd. I think that some music artists have gotten so lazy with their covers. A glamour shot and thats it.. but this is cool because you know some real thought when into it.

D - I would love to have customised detail on the back pockets!

Karen - maybe one day you can see her in DR!

Alix - That's so true, it's all about the vanity shot these days, isn't it? Like 'I can't get the Vogue cover but check this out'! Album covers used to be an artform.

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