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June 04, 2009


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What an amazing interview with a lovely designer! I hadn't heard of her before, and I'm glad you've featured her! I'm a bit confused about which jacket you brought home with you! And how amazing that you get to check out the couture shows in july. So jealous. So jealous!

Denise @ Swelle

D - I know, that was confusing! I added the last two photos after I published it then realised that I put another jacket above! It's the blazer, I'll get to have it before the collection is available - I can't wait!

She is incredible, isn't she? And she's the loveliest person, too.


her works are lovely.


great interview, i do love that blazer. i'd like to see that in black.

Denise @ Swelle

Jen - I'll let you know if she made them in black!


this is such an amazing interview!

Denise @ The Swelle Life

Thanks H! She was so great to talk to, I can't wait to find out what she's created for her haute couture collection! x


I love that grey top with all the ruffles!

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