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April 05, 2009

Another Reason To Love Gareth Pugh


This whole 50th Anniversary hullaballoo for Barbie thing hasn't really got me fired up, evidenced by my passing Colette three times since the Barbie collection arrived, including today, and I couldn't be arsed to stop in to look.

Little did I know until now (thanks Jennine) that Ken was benefiting by way of a much needed makeover from Gareth Pugh who dressed up our favourite little eunuch in a look from his debut men's RTW 2009 collection, complete with wicked goth hair, shaped eyebrows and fully lined eyes. The black patent jacket is handmade (which means Ken has better clothes than you but that's okay, he has no wang) and limited to an edition of 50.


I think this is the jacket Ken's is based on, if you put the collar up - nothing else comes close from what I've seen. But I want to know where those awesome Edward Scissorhands boots are; did someone nick them from the box or is this MalibuGoth Ken?


I now have Bauhaus in my head...undead undead undead...

Source: MFLA


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Now THAT'S cool.

Pano and Wire

invites you to view their Spring-Summer 09 collection at http://panoandwire.blogspot.com/

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