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March 25, 2009

The Magical Knits of Everlasting Sprout


Is it any wonder I'm so taken with knitwear when the possibilities to sculpt, texturise and embellish are endless and ultimately so enchanting? My latest crush is Japan's Keiichi Muramatsu, the designer behind Everlasting Sprout. The Bunka Fashion College grad showed his fall 2009 collection at Japan Fashion week and is getting lots of attention for his lampshade skirts. But go back a few years and you'll find more exciting treats, such as these exquisitely crafted pastel bustiers (tail optional):



The lampshade skirt (that's what I'm calling it) first showed up in Muramatsu's Spring 2009 collection, attached by single strands of yarn to pretty bibs, essentially creating a dress.


SproutSS09 Sproutss09_2

Muramatsu had other plans for that skirt and reworked the idea for his fall 2009 collection, making more skirts and creating a large cape-like bib that bunches around the neck like a sculptural paper bag. Love the thick, embellished socks and what appears to be an avant-garde bunny slipper!




Fall 2009 photos: Yuko Isobe


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oh i love the first piece not sure about the lampshades though!

I'd like to see someone try to sit in one!

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