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March 21, 2009

Hard Candy Goes Soft


For his final three looks at Paris fashion week, Issey Miyake sent out models wearing dresses, tops and skirts made of sheer, striped squares that instantly reminded me of those hard candies - you know, the ones that yours or your friend's grandmother keeps in a dish on a doily covered end table in the living room, and when you go to take one because you feel obligated when they're offered, the candy you lift with your fingers comes up with all the others stuck to it in one big, rainbow cluster? And then you try to discreetly pry one off the mound. And hope the next words you hear aren't "Go ahead, dear, have another." If those candies are going to be kept in that bowl for a couple of years to meld together into a rock-hard solid mass, there should be a small chiselling tool placed beside the dish. On a doily, of course.


Photos: Giovanni Giannini


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What a lovely nostalgic analogy! I love these sheer pieces, and would love the high-street to do fanastic Issey Miyake inspired kaftans for the beach.

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