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February 16, 2009

I'll Admire You From Afar

The Swelle Life22

I need to lament something, now that I can talk about it. I was invited to the Tadashi Shoji show at New York fashion week for the 20th, and I can't go. I'm distraught. So much so that I hit the bottle last night to deal with it. HARD. That's right, it's tough to admit, but I drank HALF a 750 ml of Jacques Fruits des Bois CIDER WITH FRUIT. Lightly Sparkling. And as I found, only lightly intoxicating. I know the recommended daily limit in the UK for women is 3 units, and what I had equalled only two. However, the bottle did say 'serve over ice' but I went hardcore and drank it straight up. Sure it's only a burp or two away from pop, but it's good for what ails you. Especially when that thing is a sweets craving.

Anyway, above are looks from Tadoshi Shoji's Spring 09 show in New York. Beautiful. Sniff.


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I like your attitude. Let's have drinks.

Wendy, I would LOVE to. Can we have real ones?

awww! there will be other fashion weeks that would love to have you, D :)

omg i would be hitting the drinks too! what a great show! but there are always more!! =)

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