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February 09, 2009

Fashion Victim: A Tale of Victory, Ruffle Tops, and Loss


It is the thing we all fear. We'd rather not think about it, but we're well aware of the possibility. One slip in our vigilance and we fall victim, there are no second chances.

It happened Saturday. The place - Brussels, Belgium. Specifically, the toilet of a cinema. Our girl Sophie, one of the most adept and shrewd shoppers the UK and most of Europe has ever seen, had one of these moments of weakness. But let's start at the beginning. Her first time at COS, she was won over by the fashion forward, well-cut styles, and the colours. A bit like Reiss she said, but cheaper. And the sales. Oh, the sales. It was her day. She found a simple plum silk sleeveless top with a little ruffle on one sleeve (you can see where this is going), and she had mentally paired it with so many outfits before even reaching the till. And - wait for it - was 60 euros REDUCED TO 18!! Victory. Result. Whatever.

Back to the cinema toilet. Slumdog Millionaire was a fantastic, enjoyable film, but at what price? Poor Sophie left her precious fashion find and new wardrobe favourite that was already mentally paired with so many outfits, in the ladies'. She realised soon after but when she returned she was only to find the COS plastic bag (or maybe it was paper, I don't know, I've never been there), EMPTY.

It's been two days, and it still stings. Let's take a moment for Sophie and send her our support, and hope that the awful, soulless woman who stole it looks hideous wearing it, and that it does not go with anything from her wardrobe - mentally or otherwise.


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Thank you Denise for telling my story so well - it brought a tear to my eye and made my other tops hang their sleeves in shame!
p.s. it was a paper bag with very fancy ribbon handles!

Oh, of course it was! I'm surprised she didn't steal the ribbon!

Sophie, I hope you'll be somewhat comforted knowing that woman will be suffering a serious case of bad clothes karma in the years to come!!!

Lol - thanks Tammy, that thought makes things so much easier to deal with. If I see someone out and about in leggings with camel toe then I will know who the guilty party is :)

Ba ha ha ha ha!! I nearly choked on my brownie!

Holy sh*t, I know who the guilty culprit is!!:


Ha ha!! What are those about, now really?? I love Martin Margiela and these are right on par for him, but wearing them around town just doesn't seem what they were destined for. (If you can think of what their purpose might be please let me know!) And how painful on the piggies!

Well, I remember hating pointy toed boots when they first arrived on the scene, only to end up owning many pair. But, I really couldn't see myself walking around in footwear that made my feet look like hooves.

Lol - typing in camel toe to a search engine could have brought up images much worse than that!

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