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January 05, 2009

A View to...A Perfectly Wonderful World


 Photo: Imke Klee for Trend Union PARIS

You may well know by now that I have a propensity for daydreaming about the world being a particular kind of beautiful, prompted by inspiring images that resonate so deeply I'm convinced I was born with certain visual predilictions. (I guess the synaethesia would explain that. And I've always had trouble concentrating so I've just accepted the mental wandering as a part of who I am and have stopped apologising for it!)


Flickr: Purpess (left) and amalia chimera

While we are so very fortunate to have endless sources of inspiration at our fingertips and I do have my favourites, I still find it difficult to find the time to check in regularly for my daydream fodder. However, there's one place I find I almost can't do without, the aptly named A View To. I think the appeal is its complements and contrasts: vivid colour and muted, washed out shades; softness and edge; abstraction and stark realism; classic ideals of beauty and challenges to the conventional; Old World and Now; high fashion and homebody. Yet it all comes from the same place - a cohesive aesthetic, and the experience is ultimately a true delight. Definite daydream territory.

Imke Klee is the woman behind this 'perfectly wonderful' collection of photos (I quote the words she has used to title some of her posts). Much of what you see on the blog is directly attributed to her, from her handmade accessories to her own photographs of places and objects, to her fashion styling work. This is rounded out by her finds of images that she puts together to create inspirations, such as the one above, and this, one of my favourites:


Clockwise from top left: deep indigo, Pin Pals, thresca, Yuki

I had originally intended to talk about Imke's postcards that she sells through her Etsy shop, the images are various collections of little items grouped according to shade and the individual pieces are so interesting I had to find out more. But I think I'll have to save that for tomorrow as I tend to go long when I'm really excited about something (and there's just so much to show and tell!).

But before I go, look at the detail of the vintage collar from the first photo - is this not To Die For?


 Photo: Imke Klee for Trend Union PARIS


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wow absolutely love the collar! what amazing details!

she is incredible! i love her work!

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