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December 09, 2008

The Next Swelle Giveaway...It's a Bit Cheeky


Here's the third Swelle giveaway and it's a bit, uh, different. It's pants! Knickers, undies, gitch, whatever you like to call them. The important thing is that you wear them. Is it weird to give away underpants? You decide. As the 'rules' go, all you need to do is comment on a post, any post, and you're entered. The winner will be picked at random and announced next Tuesday.

So, about the prize. It's a pair of pale pink Noa Noa feather-lite knickers in a cute retro style. They've got a yellow mesh waistband and the size is XS. They stretch a bit, but not much. They are very tiny. I mean it, they are teensy. Like, an Olsen might fit them. Good luck!

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my chubby cheeks would never fit in a size extra small...but hey, here's to wishful thinking!

ahha that's cute!! and it's not weird!! and oo i can fit an xs!!

Tammy you don't have a chubby anything!

Almost ready for the wedding, having trouble finding shoes that'll work somewhat with our damn winter drifts!

Ditto on the Tammy. Yes, it's very hard to be fabulous while straddling snowbanks. And it's not like you can wear the winter boots and stick them in a plastic bag under your chair when you get in. Or can you...(It would not be beneath me to do it to save a great pair of shoes as well as my neck)

Snowshoes with Swarovski embellishments, perhaps?

can i just say that chipmunk is adorable!!

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