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October 03, 2008

Lily Cole Poses for Playboy, the 'Classy' One

Lilycole_1 British model Lily Cole has posed for Playboy. Sound like an odd move for the doll-faced, flame-haired twenty year-old? Well, according to Marie Claire UK it's the French edition, which is supposed to be more artistic and sophisticated than the U.S. version. How that is possible, I don't know.

The 60s-inspired cover photo - in which Cole is wearing nothing but white socks, hair in pig tails and ribbons and clutching a large white teddy bear - is said to be influenced by French musician Serge Gainsbourg's Melody Nelson album. That cover depicts what looks like a young teenage girl, standing there in jeans and nothing else holding a doll against her chest. Kind of crossing a line, there was a lot of that in music in France in the 60s. And it's a theme that will likely be repeated until men cease to exist or they all become gay. (FYI, in case you didn't know - Gainsbourg was married to English singer/actress Jane Birkin, who Hermès named their famed bag after. And, Birkin's daughter Lou Doillon - father is director Jacques Doillon - also did the cover of French Playboy).

Lilycole_2 Anyway, a 14-page editorial entitled Sweet Lily follows (is this grossing you out, too?), including interviews with Jean Paul Gaultier and film director Terry Gilliam, among other industry colleagues and friends - who I trust are not clutching teddies.

As for other ventures, Lily Cole gets more exposure yet as a new face of Rimmel, along with singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Kate Moss stays on to feature in the Rimmel London campaign. For now. And...Mossy also did a famous knickers-only, stuffed animal-hugging shot back in the early 90s when she was barely out of her teens. I would have included photos of each of these undressed teddy-clutchers, but I'm trying to keep the eeeuuw factor low on my site. Urinary tracts are okay. However, you can see Lily here


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