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September 07, 2008

These Models are No Tyra Meal Ticket

VogueTV brings us Models.Live, a broadband video series following three IMG models as they work toward a hopeful debut at New York Fashion Week. Cato from Amsterdam, Madeline from North Carolina and Austria from Dominican Republic provide a most welcomed departure from the wannabe posers of reality TV. Sure, ANTM and the other shows can be good, harmless fun (for the viewer, anyway), but we all know that the most these poor girls can hope for is an exploitive guest spot on Tyra's nauseating talk show. (Honestly, I can consume a lot of crap TV, but I cannot handle that show. Even alone, in secret, it makes me want to vomit with rage.)

There's not much else to say about Models.Live. The reality of modelling isn't all that interesting (of what they can show us, anyway), but if you're keen on the fashion world, which you likely are if you're reading this, then take a peak at the first three. Episodes are short. That happens when you don't stage panty tickle fights and screaming matches over stolen Red Bulls.

For the dirt on modelling and how the fashion industry really works, read Fashion Babylon by Imogen Edwards-Jones. Afterward, you will forbid your daughters to ever become models!


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