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September 06, 2008

Diane von Furstenberg On Leanne's Winning Outfit: 'A Lot of Good Design'

Leanne_DvFdress Episode 8 of Project Runway 5 featured what had to have been the highlight of Leanne Marshall's career: The legendary Diane von Furstenberg praised her winning look, saying it had 'quite a lot of good design', and that her dress is 'very pretty'. She also like the mix of feminine and masculine. This may seem like polite conversation, but IT'S NOT! It's DvF saying this! And to win the challenge, the outfit had to channel 1940s Marlene Dietrich and embody the essence of DvF's own Fall 2008 collection. No small feat.

Leanne handled her second straight win with grace and poise, unlike poor Kenley who couldn't stop blubbering when meeting the design giant and rambled through her dress introduction on the runway.

As if being invited to use DvF's fabrics from her sample room wasn't enough (can you imagine having access to her prints??), the winning look will be produced and 'sold exclusively to American Express card holders' with a portion of proceeds going to the CFDA Foundation. A little product placement happening there with AE, but a 'thrilling' prospect nonetheless, as Tim Gunn said. Twice. Love that guy.

Love this look? You can bid to own Leanne's original gorgeous dress and jacket on ProjectRunway.com.

Update: If you're looking to buy the dress, see this post

Every time I see Diane von Furstenberg I think of a Fashion Television segment from way back where she was accompanying Tracy Ullman on a shopping trip. They're sitting in the back of the limo and Tracy Ullman, being the comedian she is, starts doing her version of the stereotypical shop assistant, gum snapping a 'How you doin' in there? You lookin' HAWT yet?' It was funny, Ullman was having lots of loud fun with the whole outing, and there's the impossibly elegant Diane sitting quietly still beside her, looking away with a faint Mona Lisa smile, as if to be barely humouring the rambunctious child in her company. That's our DvF.


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That is gorgeous...makes my heart beat a little faster.

where can i buy this outfit?

Ann, in case you missed it, I posted the answer for you. Good luck!

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