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May 11, 2008

Hell No! House of Dereon Deserves a 'Time Out'


This disturbing advertisement is brought to you by the classy ladies of House of Deréon (that's Tina and Béyonce Knowles and possibly an ex-stripper as creative director).

Deréon's (better known as 'Derriére') girls' range of pre-school pimpette costumes are now available online and in abandoned suburban strip malls near you. I'm going to have a nightmare tonight about getting cornered in a dark alley by a gang of inappropriately-attired 6 year-old street toughs who all at once kick me repeatedly in the shins before strangling me with their hot pink feather boas.

Look at the little blonde girl in the top left photo - how young is she? Baby chub-cheeks really complement red lipstick. She looks two years old, I bet she's wearing Huggies Pull-Ups under her black denim thong.

And check out the shoes on 'Baby Bloods' in the main photo, what the heck is that about? Skyscraper heels will only slow you down when defending your turf against the Crips.

I first saw this on dlisted (who linked to my Carla Bruni post, thank you Michael K) and didn't want to dirty up my pretty site with the photo (although my previous post on Larry King already took care of that), but I just had to express my outrage - as a mother, as a woman, as a person who can see. How wrong is it to put these types of images of young children out there?? This is for you, too, Bratz people!!   


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nice said! interesting,, i definitely get your point there! and your absolutely right. for me as a youth i can't believe that all our children wear that kind of clothes! perhaps they can wear the clothes that fits to their age! keep it up!


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