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May 29, 2008

Bring Back the Swim Cap!


 After reading a previous post on Noa Noa's fabulous spring and high summer collectionSwelle Life reader (and very Swelle girl) Tammy commented on how much she loves the swim cap/turban look and may be daring to try it. Let's give her a big round of applause!!!! I'll bet with that encouragement she'll not only do it but also send pictures (maybe, possibly??)

To get her on her way, I've looked for online shops that sell the sweet vintage-style caps (I'd go with 'in the style of' rather than true vintage here, we're talking about other people's heads).

The lovely, SPF 250-wearing Karen Elson models a pink petal cap for a Vogue editorial (above) from Headcovers. They also sell a fabric swim turban with a waterproof lining if you're looking for practicality as well as style.

And, well, that's it really! Retro swim caps are very hard to find, my research into it shows this is the one place to find the petal style (unless you want Speedo's multi-colour version which has their brand logo inserted amongst the flowers - yes, really), plus one ebay shop that offers similar petal caps for auction with a starting bid significantly higher than the selling price at Headcovers (with no discernable difference in the cap itself).

UPDATE:  Hot tip just in from Tammy - an editorial feature in the recent issue of Fashion magazine featured some vintage swim caps from Courage My Love, a vintage shop loaded with accessories located in Kensington in downtown Toronto (no website, sorry).

If you're handy with styling you can create some interesting looks with scarves or make your own turbans with some pretty fabrics. Please pass on pics if you do! 

My only experience with the swim cap was school swimming lessons in grade 2. Whereas one of my classmates had luxurious blonde hair so thick it took two teachers grunting and straining to fit it all under the cap while avoiding rubber snapping back in their faces, my hair was so fine I think there was actually room for another head under mine. Then after swimming that day I tried to emulate my hair dresser by putting my cheap, super-hot travel dryer right against my hair while drying it (not realising he didn't really touch it, it was just very close) and it got all tangled in the grate and caught on fire. The two teachers came and smacked me on the head until it went out, luckily it was quick. I enjoyed the smell of burnt hair on the bus ride back to school.

Some inspirations to get you going on your DIY beach head gear:


 And an old advert for those who like the idea of a pineapple with a face:


Lastly, a photo of myself and my Other Half at the cottage last summer:



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